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What are Connections?

Within the COCSA Community, you can create a circle of OSCA members to network with. These Connections are similar to the connections you may have on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.To view or edit your Connections, select Manage Profile from the right navigation menu and then select Connections, or simply select Connections from the right navigation menu.

Adding a Connection

To add a Connection, search for a member using the Member Search feature under the Members tab.  Once you locate the member, click on the  Connect link found in the snapshot search results or at the top of the member's personal page.

When you click the  Connect link, you will be taken to the Send Message page where you can attach a personal message to the connection invitation. Once you send the message, the recipient will receive a personal message notifying him/her of the invitation. The recipient can then Accept or Decline the connection.

Accepting a Connection Request

To accept the connection, click the Accept Connection button that appears in the connection invitation. The person who sent the invitation will be automatically added to your connection list and will receive an automatic message from your informing them that they are connected to you.

Declining a Connection Request

To decline the connection, click the Decline Connection button that appears in the connection invitation. The person who sent the invitation will not be added to your connection list.

Viewing Your Connections

Once you have started to create Connections, you'll be able to view your connections, email them (as a group or individually), view their profiles and categorize them into groups for easy sorting.

Managing Your Connection Preferences

Make sure you visit the Preferences section of your Member Profile to adjust your settings related to Connections. You may determine whether you allow other members to see your Connections, get an email when someone wants to connect, or get email notifications when one of your Connections makes changes to his/her profile.

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