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De-Bunking Old Myths: The Truth About Chiropractic

Thursday, December 5, 2013  
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"Chiropractors are Quacks”, "They’re not real doctors”, "It’s dangerous for your body to be moved like that”, "They do nothing but crack your back”. If you’re a Chiropractor, you’ve probably heard most of this before. Whether it’s via traditional medical doctors, friends, family, or on TV, there are plenty of myths that surround the Chiropractic profession. We all know none of this is true. But changing public opinion can be an uphill battle sometimes, especially when there’s so much erroneous information out there. The fact is, Chiropractic has been a proven, natural way of improving health and healing the body for over 100 years. In many cases, it’s more effective than traditional medicine, and has far fewer negative health consequences. But how do we break down these negative stereotypes and false information?


The easiest way to convince someone that Chiropractic is safe and effective is to treat them, and show them the direct results. But that can be tough, as their fears and prejudices may keep them from even stepping foot in your office. So in lieu of that, it’s our job to educate them with the facts. The first step is to convince them that it’s safe. Manipulating the human body with your hands is something not everyone can do, and requires a lot of practice and study. But working with the body’s natural shape and energy poses very little threat to a person’s health or well-being. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, almost always has proven side effects that can be dangerous, or even deadly. Unlike conventional medicine, Chiropractic care doesn’t offer a quick fix heal, but rather offers a way for your body to heal itself. You’d trust your body over a chemical, wouldn’t you?


Another myth that needs to be de-bunked is that Chiropractors are not "real doctors”, but rather amateur healers looking to make a quick buck by offering a quick fix. This couldn’t be further from the truth, yet it’s one of the biggest criticisms of the profession. While Chiropractors don’t study for a traditional MD degree, they spend thousands of hours studying, practicing, and testing in order to be able to practice their trade. Much like an MD, a Chiropractor must study human anatomy, nutrition, bone and muscle composition, and body energy. By the time they have their own practice, a Chiropractor will have spent years studying from books and classes, as well as having years of practical experience under the tutelage of other DCs. Also, a Chiropractor’s main purpose is to heal the human body and reduce suffering, which by definition is one of the tenets of being a doctor.


Lastly, it’s vital to explain to people that a Chiropractor does a whole lot more than "cracking backs”. This myth is probably the most common, and the easiest to understand due to the sound your body makes while getting adjusted. While we all know that’s not a "crack”, and actually the movement and release of gases, they don’t. Many skeptics also don’t know that Chiropractors work with your entire body, not just your back. It’s important to explain that an alignment is a way to open up your body to better natural energy. When your body is aligned correctly, it can positively affect many aspects of your health, as well as preventing injury and illness.


Breaking down negative stereotypes and myths isn’t easy, but it’s an important part of our profession, and a great way to expand its cultural acceptance. Educating people on health is one of the pillars of Chiropractic. The more you can help teach people about their body, the more inclined they will be to allow you to work with them.


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