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SecureCare National eNewsletter I Fall 2015
A message from Louis M. Andersen, CEO

Louis M. Andersen, SecureCare CEO
High deductibles are great!

One of the most common and exasperating comments I hear today goes something like this: "Everyone has a $5,000 or $10,000 deductible. What's the point of being in a network?"

The most common "solution" I hear is to run away from participation in networks and health plans and just go all cash; exactly the opposite direction of where the healthcare system is moving. This type of thinking will lead to more isolation and lack of integration of the profession.

High deductibles affect all providers in the healthcare value chain; including chiropractors. Increasing deductibles are a positive and powerful trend that benefits effective, lower-cost providers of all types. As deductibles increase, consumers become more aware of the true cost and value of services. Hurt back? $10,000 deductible? This situation creates a huge opportunity for chiropractic to advocate for lower, cost-effective services.

The economic reality is that consumers will have high deductibles. They will also want every dime they spend to accumulate toward meeting that obligation. Translation: More patient volume for the doctor who understands this dynamic and moves to win within the changing environment.

One key element to future success is being connected to networks like SecureCare that can organize doctors into logical business structures for insurance companies. The long entrenched model of direct contracting by chiropractors with insurance companies has been a disaster. As the market moves toward value-based reimbursement, it will be essential for chiropractors to engage directly with emerging new models that will reward effective outcomes.

SecureCare continues to work hard to develop network options for insurance companies. But we can only succeed with the support and shared vision of the doctors. We are on the move in many new markets. You can click on the states below for an update on current events in your area.
Thank you for your support. We will continue to contact you with updates.
Please click on your state(s) to get the latest information on SecureCare's progress in your area

Dr. Rand Petersen
SecureCare Board President
Dr. Rand Petersen of Kearney, NE Named President of the Board of Directors of Nationally-Recognized SecureCare

By Lindsay Nolan
SecureCare Marketing Manager
Omaha, Neb. (August 21, 2015) - Following the retirement of Dr. Bill Bruening, Dr. Rand Petersen of Petersen Chiropractic Center in Kearney, Neb. was voted president of the board of directors of nationally-recognized SecureCare, headquartered in Omaha, Neb. Petersen was nominated by his peers to lead board activities and provide general oversight of SecureCare's business objectives.
"I am excited that Dr. Petersen is assuming the role of board president and am confident that he will do an outstanding job in assisting with the development of the company," said Lou Andersen, SecureCare CEO.
SecureCare and Antitrust Questions

By Hal Daub, Esq.,
Partner, Husch Blackwell

Kim Driggers, Esq.,
Assistant General Counsel
Florida Chiropractic Association
How does SecureCare pass antitrust muster? How is SecureCare's business model any different from Oklahoma's Independent Physicians Association (IPA) where the Department of Justice imposed fines and penalties? It was from the member questions that prompted this article. If you have any of the same questions or concerns, or just want to learn about the investment you've made, please read on.
From Pills to Pins: Oregon Is Changing How It Deals With Back Pain

By Kristian Foden-Vencil,
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Kaiser Health News
When Portland resident Doris Keene raised her four children, she walked everywhere and stayed active. But when she turned 59, she says, everything fell apart.
"My leg started bothering me. First it was my knees." She ignored the pain, and thinks now it was the sciatic nerve acting up, all along. "I just tried to deal with it," Keene says.
Research Regarding the Cost-Effectiveness and Clinical Outcomes of Chiropractic Care

By Bharon Hoag
OSCA Executive Director

Courtesy: Ohio State Chiropractic Association
Here is some great information: Download "Research Regarding..." provided by the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.

Summary of findings include: Patients receiving chiropractic care have the lowest prescription medication rates, least costs per episode of low back pain, and least guideline-in-congruent use of medications and imaging; Chiropractic can provide greater reductions in self-reported disability and pain compared with usual medical care for acute and sub-acute low back pain; Overall satisfaction among persons using chiropractic is very high...
SecureCare Board of Directors

Dr. Rand Petersen, President
Dr. James Abel
Dr. David Lauer, Vice President
Dr. Robert Krugman
Dr. David Timperley, Treasurer Dr. Glenn Petersen
Dr. Thomas Rohrick, Secretary Dr. Mike Christensen
Dr. Mark Knoll, Medical Director Dr. Mary Audia
Dr. MaryLou Camenzind, NCPA Liaison Louis M. Andersen, CEO (Non-voting)

Clinical Review Committee

Louis M. Andersen,
Dr. Mark Knoll,
Chairman/Medical Director

Dr. James Abel
Dr. Bibhu Misra
Dr. Mark Hanssen
Dr. Scott Misek
Dr. Rand Petersen

SecureCare Advisory Board

Dr. James England,
Dr. Art LeVine,
Dr. Jay Greenstein,
East Coast
Dr. David Novatnak,
East Coast
Dr. Don Hirsh,
Board Chairman, East Coast
Dr. Ben Oien,
South Dakota
Dr. Bharon Hoag,
Board Vice Chairman, Ohio

Quality Management Committee - URAC

Dr. Mark Knoll,
Medical Director

Dr. Scott Misek

Dr. Brian Stevens

Credentialing Committee

Dr. Mark Knoll,
Medical Director

Dr. Jeff Wolf

Dr. Scott Misek

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