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Legislative Update
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Our efforts paid off - Chiropractic is getting stronger and stronger in Ohio!

HB 143 Overview

Many of you are aware that the OSCA has been actively communicating with legislators concerning a bill that mandates the proper management of concussions with athletes.  This bill was introduced in the House of Representative in mid-2011 (HB-143). The original bill mandated that a concussed athlete must have a clearance letter from an MD/DO prior to returning to the field of play. The OSCA was not supportive of this original language, as it would restrict our ability to perform services that are within our scope currently.

The OSCA testified in numerous hearings and had over a dozen meetings with legislators explaining our portion.  We introduced revised language that we believed was more appropriate for the overall purpose of the bill.  It was a long and hard process but on June 13th, the full House of Representatives voted on the sub-bill with our language: it was a landslide vote of 82 – 4 in favor of the bill. This was a wonderful victory for chiropractic in Ohio!

Now the bill will go to the Senate in the fall and begin a similar process.  The OSCA will continue to monitor the bill and address any other attempts to restrict our ability to function within our scope.

The OSCA is also trying to reach out to the Ohio High School Athletic Association to address some of their policies as well.

We would like to publically thank Dr. Kelly Roush for her role in this effort.  She made numerous trips to Columbus to testify and meet with legislators to share with them the chiropractic message.  She was a wonderful asset in these efforts.

The OSCA is getting stronger and our voice is getting louder.  This is the second bill this session that we have submitted language for and has been voted in through the House. As we continue to grow, we will get even stronger have even more influence on the environment around us.

Together we stand, divided we fall!

We are honored to represent the most amazing profession!


House Bill 251 Overview

Mid 2011, there was a bill introduced to the House of Representatives to regulate the practice of Oriental medicine and to modify the laws governing the practice of acupuncture. The OSCA had concerns with the bill as it would limit a chiropractor’s ability to provide care as currently allowed in their scope.

At that time, the OSCA met with Chairman Watchman to discuss his plans for the future consideration of the bill. He indicated his plans to pass the bill out of the Health Committee in the coming weeks. As a result, the OSCA and the State Chiropractic Board worked together to draft a document with recommended changes to the bill that would allow the OSCA to support the bill. The OSCA shared copies of the suggested changes to the bill with the Chairman’s office and the bill sponsor’s office.

The OSCA met with Representative Schuring on April 25th to discuss the bill and our proposed language. Representative Schuring stated he would support language that would exclude chiropractic from the current restrictions of the bill as well as sponsor new legislation that will enable chiropractors that provide acupuncture services the same latitude as general acupuncturist as stated in HB 251, without the restrictions.

On May 23, the full House passed the bill with a 93 – 0 vote. Before passing the bill, the Committee amended the bill to include the language we encouraged Representative Schuring to draft along with two other minor changes. The added language would exempt chiropractors with a certificate to practice acupuncture from the acupuncture component of Oriental medicine.

OSCA will continue to stay in contact with Representative Schuring’s staff regarding the introduction of the new legislation specific to chiropractors and Oriental medicine/acupuncture. We will also monitor the bill as it moves through the senate.

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