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BWC Refund Request on Kinesiology Taping
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BWC Refund Request on Kinesiology Taping

It has come to our attention that a number of providers have been contacted by various MCO requesting money back for C-9 approved care. Specifically, this is in reference to the 29000 series codes often used for kinesiology taping that happens in the office. The Bureau is claiming that, even though this procedure may have been approved through the C-9 process, it was an inappropriate code to be used for the procedure performed.

The OSCA has been trying to reach out to the Bureau to discuss the matter. At this time, we have not had a conversation with them, but do want to educate our members on the most appropriate code to be used when applying kinesiology tape.

The 29000 series codes are classified as Strapping or Taping codes. They are designed to be used when you are utilizing strapping or taping techniques that will eliminate gravity or functionality of an extremity or injured area. They are often used after surgery or other more invasive types of care. In most cases, this is not the intent that drives a chiropractor to administer the treatment; actually, your intent is the complete opposite. You are applying kinesiology tape to increase function and performance of a specific area.

Therefore, it is the advice of the OSCA that providers desiring to bill for kinesiology taping use 97760 – Orthotic Management and Training. If you think about it, the kinesiology tape is doing a very similar thing as a shoe orthotic for the foot. This code states that the management can be for upper or lower extremities. It is a time-based code and would require a minimum of eight minutes for it to be billed to the Bureau.

We are encouraging providers who have received repayment requests to reach out to the requesting MCO and discuss with them how they would like you to handle the overpayment. You may owe some money back, but not all of it, as the procedure you provided is a covered benefit and you should be compensated for it. You just need to resubmit it under a more appropriate code. You will want to find out if the MCO wants you to pay back the difference of the two codes or to refund the entire amount and then re-bill under the more appropriate code. This is a decision that each provider will need to make with the individual MCO.

As always, if you have any questions on this, feel free to give Bharon a call at (740) 398-3611 and he will be more than happy to help you how he can.

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